Instrument PlayVocalBeat/ RhythmCreating MusicReading and WritingCreative MovementDramatic Play/GamesMusic LiteratureMusical Expression
1Explore a variety of
gentle percussion
Experience live singing and music‐ makingExperience rhythmic
rhymes and
fingerplays in various meters, including triple, duple and unusual
Babble spontaneously
in response to music
Encourage reading
through tracking
Experience a variety
large and small
movement activities
in response to music
Play Peek‐a‐Boo
Respond to high-
quality live and
recorded music,
including a variety of styles, genres and cultural backgrounds
throughout the day
Experience changes
in dynamics
2Explore found
sounds using
everyday items
Hear songs in a variety of tonalities and metersMove in response to
the beat of the
rhythmic rhyme or
Explore the use of a
variety of nonsense
syllables in songs to
encourage music
Respond through
to a
variety of musical
styles, genres, and
cultural backgrounds
Experience a
variety of animal
Experience cultural
bedtime rituals using lullabies
Respond to the
emotions and
mood expressed in
3Interact with high
and low instrumental
Encourage babbling through vocal playFeel a steady beat
while hearing rhythm patterns, rhythmic rhymes or songs
Explore the use of a
variety of animal
sounds to encourage music babble
Move spontaneously
in response to a song, chant or piece of music
4Explore various ways to play rhythm
Listen to tonal patternsExperience
microbeat (litte) and
macrobeat (big)
Play with assorted
rhythm instruments
during an improvised
musical jam session.
Move freely in
response to a song,
chant or piece of
5Experience vocal highs and lows
6Use singing to create social connections and community