Family New Year’s Resolutions:  Add More Music to Your Life, Sing, & Move

Family New Year’s Resolutions: Add More Music to Your Life, Sing, & Move

As we embrace the dawn of 2024, the lingering pressure of family New Year’s resolutions beckons, with the familiar goals of sharing more family meals, limiting screen time, and reigning in the ever-expanding realm of scattered toys. Yet, rather than succumb to the overwhelming checklist that often leads to abandonment, let’s pivot our attention to a transformative alternative: making music the heartbeat of your daily routine. Amidst life’s challenges, let music take center stage, infusing your days with joy, movement, and continuous learning—a resolution that harmonizes seamlessly with your lifestyle.

New Year’s Resolution Activities for Kids (And Parents, Too!)

In the symphony of family life, consider adding the following musical resolutions to your list for 2024 filled with harmonious moments:

1. Background Bliss:

new year’s resolution activities for kids family singing while doing laundry


Elevate the ambiance in your home by turning everyday tasks into a musical adventure. From car rides to playtime and daily chores, let the rhythms of life be accompanied by melodies that resonate with your family. Picture this: as you pick up your lint roller or grab a bottle of scent beads, transform folding laundry into a lively family jam session. Give that laundry basket a beat and create an impromptu musical band, with each hit sparking laughter and rhythm. Singing along adds a touch of whimsy, turning the ordinary into a fun-filled family celebration!


2. Sing Your Story:

new year’s resolution kids mom singing and playing guitar with daughterTransform mundane routines into melodic adventures by incorporating songs into your family’s daily life. Create a musical soundtrack for tasks, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. From morning routines to bedtime rituals, let the power of lyrics add an extra layer of joy and connection to your family’s story. Musical memories will remain in your children’s hearts forever. Whether crafting a “Good Morning” serenade or a lullaby for bedtime, infusing your daily rhythm with personalized tunes makes each moment uniquely special. Let the music of your family’s story be a harmonious thread that weaves through the tapestry of your shared experiences.


3. Instrumental Innovations:

boy playing with homemade drumset
Encourage your family’s creativity by turning everyday objects into musical instruments. Whether it’s using mixing bowls and spoons as an impromptu drum set or converting buckets into makeshift percussion instruments, explore the endless possibilities. This resolution not only introduces a new dimension to play but also sparks the imagination of both parents and children alike. As you experiment with the rhythmic potential of household items, you’ll find that it’s not just about creating music but fostering a shared sense of discovery and joy. Watch your family transform into a spontaneous band, creating harmonies and beats that resonate with laughter and creativity.


4. Dance Party Delight:

dance party kids dancing
Make a delightful resolution to inject spontaneity into your family life with impromptu dance parties. Whenever the mood strikes, grab your favorite tunes and let the music guide your movements. Clear a space in the living room, the kitchen, or wherever the spirit takes you, and let loose together as a family. Whether your child joins in immediately, showcasing their unique dance moves, or observes with curiosity, dancing becomes more than just movement—it transforms into a joyful expression and a shared experience that transcends generations. These impromptu dance parties add a lively spark to routine days and create lasting memories filled with laughter and togetherness.


5. Musical Playtime Fusion:

musical playtime woman and boy playing with bells
Integrate music seamlessly into your child’s favorite activities, enhancing playtime by syncing movements to the rhythm of lively tunes. Picture bouncing a ball to the beat, rolling it back and forth, or creating a musical parade with toy cars—this resolution adds a dynamic and enjoyable twist to everyday play. Take the excitement up a notch by crafting your tambourine with bells, introducing a hands-on element that transforms playtime into a mini-musical adventure. Watch as your child’s imagination comes to life, shaking their homemade tambourine and adding an extra layer of joy to the rhythm of their play. Even the smallest items in your home can become an opportunity for musical play!


Embark on a Musical Journey in 2024

As you embark on the journey through 2024, why not make music a cornerstone of your family’s resolutions? The enchanting world of melodies and rhythms possesses the transformative power to forge stronger bonds, cultivate joy, and infuse each day with a harmonious cadence.

Consider crafting family resolutions that weave the magic of music into your everyday life, whether it’s singing together during meals, hosting dance parties, or learning to play an instrument collectively. Here’s to a year filled with the magical moments that music brings, creating beautiful memories and harmonizing family New Year’s resolutions. Happy New Year from all of us!