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For over 18 years, Kids’ MusicRound has been giving children ages 0-5 a leg up heading into preschool by introducing them to a range of educational concepts through the power of music and play.

Now, we’ve created a standards-based, play-driven program specifically for early childhood educators that gives students the freedom they need to dance, sing and have a blast while teaching them a host of advanced music content and instilling the drumbeat of learning in their hearts.

Classroom Jamboree is a comprehensive preschool curriculum with a scope and sequence that meets and often exceeds the national standards for music education.

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Our music and movement classes puts children on a path to basic musical competence by teaching him or her to sing in tune and keep an accurate beat. This is the foundation that will empower children to pursue more formal musical training later in life or simply derive more enjoyment from music.

Research has proven that sooner is better than later. Classroom Jamboree engages a child’s natural curiosity and stimulates learning through musical play, discovery and creativity.

Each child is allowed to explore and discover at his or her’s individual developmental level in a stimulating, playful learning environment. Children will tap into their musicality as they sing, dance, chant rhythmic rhymes and play simple rhythm instruments together.

Classroom Jamboree’s varied fun­-filled music education activities assure something for everyone while addressing the different learning styles and music development levels of individual children. Although the emphasis is on fun, the principles of Dr. Edwin Gordon’s Music Learning Theory and Dalcroze Eurhythmics are woven into the program.

That’s why we made the investment in creating quality musical recordings to support the curriculum. You’ll easily recreate the classroom excitement in your home with the ability to stream the classroom MP3s filled with our original compositions as well as traditional favorites.

Classroom Jamboree will show you that music is not just for talented performers. Our music classes are designed for infants and toddlers through preschoolers and early elementary age children. Everyone can enjoy music and movement to the fullest every day in your own individual way.