Making Transition Times Fun with Music

Making Transition Times Fun with Music

Young children do not have it as easy as it appears. Sure, they get to play all day, but having to switch from activity to activity on your schedule can be quite stressful for them. Whether you run a preschool or you simply want to make your children’s lives at home a little better, it is important to pay attention to how you are handling the transition times in your children’s lives.

Tie your shoe...

Tie your shoe and sing a song!

What Exactly Are Transition Times?

A transition time is any time your kids are stopping one activity to start another one. The most common transition times include cleanup time, snack time, and naptime. These are the events that are stressful to your kids because they don’t understand why they have to stop what they are doing to do something else.

How Can I Make the Transitions Smooth?

Music. It’s all about the music. If you can create transition times that are fun and exciting versus something that is unwanted, your children will not only be willing participants, but they will also be happy participants. For example, you can use our song “Doo Wack-a-Doo” to make any transition smoother. You simply change the words to fit what is going on. (e.g. Doo wack-a-doo, tie your shoe. Doo wack-a-doo, brush your teeth.) Sing and dance along as you complete the task at hand.

What Are the Benefits of Musical Transition Times?

As previously mentioned, transition times can be stressful for your children. By integrating music into your transition times, they are having more fun and not stressing out during the transition process. Instead of complaints and tantrums you will get grins and smiles. Picture how nice it will be when your kids get excited to help cleanup or are thrilled to go brush their teeth. With music, even these trying times can be brighter and easier for everyone involved.