Dance Like No One is Watching!

That’s right! – Dance like no one is watching

Children have no inhibitions – they always dance like no one is watching.  Take a cue and join in.

There are many reasons developmentally that participating in such activities are beneficial; they see you having a ball and this reinforces that what they are doing is a positive activity, and they look to us for approval, you have fun, they have fun.

Dancing encourages rhythmic development, strengthens the body, helps with posture and body control.  It helps a child get to know their own body and how it works.

Have you ever seen a sad person dancing?  OK, prom aside, it’s almost impossible to be sad while dancing!  Watch a child, it’s an expression of pure joy.  Twirling around the room or “foot waltzing” with mom or dad just can’t be beat!

Music and movement are natural partners, put on music and try to keep still.  Try to find time each day to put on any type of music you wish and just dance.  Your child will be so happy to be doing something with mommy, daddy, (insert significant person here)and you will be surprised how wonderful you feel after taking the time to interact with your child and get the endorphins flowing.