Childhood Development:  Let’s Give A Hand To Hand-Clapping Songs

Childhood Development: Let’s Give A Hand To Hand-Clapping Songs

Baby clappingThe first-ever study of hand-clapping songs reveals a direct link between children’s songs and clapping games in the development of important skills in children and young adults. (Science Daily)   The study was conducted by Dr. Idit Solkin, a member of Israel’s Ben-Gurion University’s Music Science Lab in the Department of the Arts.  She found that these important skills included cognitive abilities, social integration, spelling and even neater handwriting. Through hand-clapping songs and games, children were also found to be able to reduce the risk of dyslexia and dyscalculia.

 Through age appropriate sing-a-longs, we incorporate hand-clapping activities in our hand-clapping activities as part of our Kids’ MusicRound curriculum.   Classes encourage active participation among parents and caregivers.  Our family CD’s and song books give you the opportunity to reinforce these activities at home. 

 Although this study was limited to kindergarten school children,   it’s never too early to begin clapping activities.  Dr. Sulkin also questioned adults to see the effect music and hand-clapping exposure has on them.   She found that after participating in hand-clapping songs adults were more alert and in a better mood.  Everyone benefits.  Just think of the fun you’ll have helping your child get a hand-up in skill development.

 If you’d like to read the entire article about this study it can be found in ScienceDaily at