Course Overview of our Workshops

Kids’ MusicRound offers two core workshops to choose from. Aside from being the most fun you’ll ever have in a workshop, you gather a wealth of information, confidence and skill to bring into any music classroom.
 We have two styles of workshops:  live, face-to-face and online.  Online workshops have become popular allowing participants to enjoy from the comfort of their homes. An internet connection, webcam & microphone are required.  Live, on-location workshops are dependent upon scheduling.

Importance of Early Childhood Music

Early childhood research and music education philosophy overview; includes activity presentations throughout the day.

  • The stages and beginnings of music development
  • The importance of introducing music education in early childhood
  • Observation of a live classroom (onsite) or video (online) using “mommy and me” parent-child learning techniques
  • The importance of the adult presence and role modeling in early childhood
  • Learn tested teaching techniques for presenting songs and rhymes to children
  • Learn how to help children achieve basic music competence and its importance to music development
  • Discover how different learning styles impact children in the music classroom
  • Learn how to sustain the musical intelligence all children are born with
  • Become familiar with the research theories supporting the curriculum
  • Walk away with classroom­-tested music that infants, toddlers and children will immediately respond to

Songs, Movement and Music in the Classroom

This section focuses on the necessary skill set of the teacher.

  • Learn the importance of movement in the music classroom
  • Delve into more detail on successfully leading children in music activities using movement and musical props such as egg shakers, sticks, and scarves and more
  • Observe a live class (onsite) or video (online)
  • Learn the importance of play in the classroom
  • Learn successful lesson planning techniques
  • Learn how to create a lesson plan with just the right flow
  • Feedback is provided by expert KMR trainers
  • Learn how a developmentally appropriate curriculum benefits babies, toddlers and young children
  • Find out how child development impacts the early childhood music classroom

Songs, Movement and Music in the Classroom – Practicum

Practice using your newly acquired skills.

  • Participants take part in a live demonstration class of children and parents (onsite workshops)
  • Final class is recorded and participants receive expert feedback on how to improve and grow
  • Online participants are given homework assignments to prepare and videotape for feedback
  • This section provides advanced work with music and movement
  • Tonality and meter
  • Observe and communicate the stages of music development
  • Learn BabyRound™ class techniques

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