Learn Three Ways To Engage Children In Playful Music Activities

  • Have Fun! Learn easy and fun ways to teach music to kids from toddlers through the early elementary years.

  • Move! Learn how movement plays a critical role in early childhood music-making.

  • Engage in Music Play! Learn time-tested techniques to engage children in music play.

Kids’ MusicRound® makes it easy for early childhood educators and music specialists to share the gift of musicin the classroom. This is an exciting way to engage with your little ones. They will love the experience and so will you. Register today by filling out the form below and get ready for some musical fun.
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Excite and surround children in your classroom with the joy and magic of music!

Why Early Childhood Music?

Inspire the Love

Inspire the love of music from an early age! Musicbecomes a part of who we are. Children will be all smiles once music has entered their world. Joyful instructionwill foster this love of music for a lifetime!

Early Music Competence

Jumpstart a child’s musical journey! Play-basedmusical activities provide the basic skills children canuse in the future. Music builds competence, acceptance, happiness, and danciness.

Social Development

Music brings people together. Friendships are born outof song. Engaging, playful activities and songs encourage kids to participate and take turns. Children flourish and friendships bloom from the power of a tune!

A Foundation of Music

Music should be at everyone’s core — in theircurriculum, as well as their hearts. Studies show that young children with musical training are better,more focused students. But music also makes people happier — a song in your head or a whistle fromyour lips is sure to put a spring in your step!

Physical Development

Music can bring out the giggles and wiggles! Not only does music make children feel happier, but it also lets them get out pent-up energy. Active music-making allows children to move around and have fun while learning the important foundation of music.

Language Development

Music is a language for all ages. Studies showa direct link between language development and early music exposure. Finding rhythm, singing catchymelodies, and learning how to keep an accurate beatcan improve your child’s language skills!

Let the music in and change a child’s life, forever!

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Music can:

  • Improve coordination
  • Help kids develop emotions
  • Enhance auditory skills
  • Promote creativity
  • Encourage kids to work as a team
  • Increase engagement in school activites

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The secrets to happiness through music await you.

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Create. Educate. Inspire.

Share the joy of music and movement in the classroom!

Kids love to move around and be silly. Show children ways to dance, sing, and enjoy music and movement to the fullest every day in their own way. Our music activities are designed for infants and toddlers through preschoolers and into the earlyelementary years.

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