Get Ready for Summer!

It’s here!  Summertime is finally here! With school almost over it is time to let the summer planning begin! Summer is a time to soak in the family fun time and really create memories that will last a lifetime. Perhaps you want to take a day trip to the beach or a family adventure to the campground. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are doing it together.

Make Every Moment Count

What is one way to really make your family fun time memorable? Integrate it with music. There is something about the right kind of music that makes everybody happy. Imagine a time when you were a kid and music was being played. Your parents were dancing, and it’s pretty safe to say that you were smiling. Music just makes people joyful, and your family is no exception. Even the most mundane summer activity can become memorable with music.

How to Integrate Music into Your Family Fun

Adding music into your activities may take some effort at the beginning, but before you know it, your family will be dancing and singing without a second thought. Here is a suggestion to get you started in the right direction.
Your family is headed to the beach. You pack up the car with your beach towels, sunscreen, and swimsuits. Before you leave you will want to print off this simple rhyme from our Kids’ MusicRound classes.

Jump Over the Ocean:

Jump over the ocean. Jump over the sea.
Jump where you want to but not on me.

Swim through the ocean. Swim through the sea.
Swim where you want to but not on me.

Splash in the ocean. Splash in the sea.
Splash where you want to but not on me.

Once you get all set up on the beach, you can pull out the rhyme and start reciting it. As you do, you can make exaggerated movements acting out the song (e.g. make big jumps on the first verse, swimming motions on the second, and run to the coastline and splash each other on the third).

When you integrate music with your vacations, your family will have a lot more fun together as you create memories that are not soon to be forgotten.