Do Your Own Thing

We talk with parents about this all the time! “Why doesn’t Timmy do what the other kids do?”, “Susie never opens her mouth in class, but sings the songs all the time at home!”
Sound familiar? I know we always try to stress this to parents and care givers, but it always bears repeating. The child who watches is taking it all in (the visual or observant learner), the one who can’t keep his hands off of his or anyone’s instruments (tactile), the all-over-the-place little one who seems to entertain the crowd, roams – anything but sits especially during the lap songs (that’s our kinesthetic learner!) and finally, the one who loves repetition and wants to do it again and again (that’s our auditory learner).
Parents may not know or care about these terms, but we, as teachers need to know and understand them and be able to explain each type to parents in layman’s terms. This is one of the first things they should comprehend so they’re not caught up in labels or comparisons. Once this hurdle is passed, parents relax and begin to embrace their child’s learning style and adapt. They’ll have a lot more fun and participate in a much more committed way.
We all know the more the parents/caregivers participate, model and reinforce at home, the better for the kids! Everyone learns at their own pace and with their own style – we are here to ensure that they get the most out of their music experience!
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Keep on singing, playing, moving and loving every minute of it!!